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Cartoonize your world!

Which paper is this demo based on?

Official implementation of the paper by the author - Github Link

What are the restrictions of video processing and image processing?
  • We are currently processing only upto 10 second videos, if you happened to upload a video greater than 10 seconds, only first 10 seconds will be considered.
  • Video File Size Limitation: 30MB
  • Image File Formats Supported: jpeg, png
  • Video File Formats Supported: mp4, webm, avi, mkv
  • GIF/TIFF Images are not supported.
Is my data stored on your servers?
Your data is deleted in the pipeline as you run the demo.
Where could be Cartoonizer used?

Some of the areas where we think it could be applied to -

  • Churn out quick prototypes or sprites for animes, cartoons and games
  • Since it subdues facial features and information in general, it can be used to generate minimal art
  • Games can import short cut scenes very easily without using motion-capture
  • Can be modelled as an assistant to graphic designers or animators.
Video and Image attributes?

Cake and food assortment photos are OC (Original Content). Other than that -

I want to know more about cartoonization using AI.

The author of the above mentioned paper can probably indulge you in some detailed resoursces. Other than that here are some we found -

Why did we make this demo?

Honestly we thought this was a cool application of GAN but didn't find any demo available. Our friends wanted to try it so we made a quick demo for images; which then later got extended to videos.

Also we wanted to learn the deployment architecture which would allow us to serve such power hungry inference in the least money hogging method possible. (Blog post coming soon!)

What is the deployment architecture of this project and is the code for the demo open sourced?

This is a Flask app which resides on a Cloud Run instance with Cloud Storage integration. We've leveraged Algorithmia's community cloud AI layer for our inference.

Yes it is! - Github Link

Help us pay the bills?
If you liked our demo and want to support us, please donate - Paypal Link
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Since this is a free to use app, hosting our own video inference server is infeasible due to compute costs.
We thank Algorithmia for sponsoring our video inference upto 15th April, 2022.
If you still want to use the video inference, we recommend to fork the repository, and locally execute it.

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